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Glass is the healthiest material we can use to ingest water or any other liquid.

The borosilicate glass we use in NUOC does not contain heavy metals or other toxic substances, which makes NUOC the perfect bottle to drink water or any type of non-carbonated beverage, in the most healthy way. Borosilicate is a 100% recyclable, tasteless and odorless glass, the lightest and brighter and, most importantly, despite its lightness, it is the glass that is most resistant to changes in temperature.

The most of plastic bottles give off substances and toxic agents for our body and, in addition, the more times we reuse the plastic bottle and the longer it is exposed to the sun or changes in temperature, the more harmful substances we will be ingesting.

The use of plastic in all areas of our lives has increased exponentially in recent years, which is causing serious damage to the environment and our health. Did you know that 90% of bottled water contains plastic particles, compared to 83% of tap water?

According to a study published in the journal “Environmental Science & Technology”, we eat, drink and breathe between 74,000 and 121,000 microplastic particles per year. But also, if we drink bottled water, we can add up to 90,000 more particles.

Say NO to single-use plastic! #NoSingleUsePlastic

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NUOC colabora en distintos proyectos con ONGs que luchan por solucionar la crisis mundial del agua.
Vicente Ferrer by NUOC colabora en distintos proyectos con ONGs que luchan por solucionar la crisis mundial del agua.


NUOC has Charity partners and collaborates in different projects with NGOs struggling to solve the global water crisis. Because access to drinking water is a fundamental right. Without water, there is no life!

Did you know…

644 million people still live without water?
1000 children die every day from water-related diseases?
10% of the world’s population lives without clean water?

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Live, Love, Save - Limited Edition Nuoc


NUOC was born in 2016, but the idea of nuoc bottles began to take shape in 2105 on one of our last trips through Southeast Asia, where we realized that we went everywhere with a plastic water bottle in hand (something normal in these countries where The heat is suffocating and, unfortunately, they do not have access to drinking water). On that trip we were even more aware that something as common and vital as drinking water generates large quantities of plastic that we saw lying around.

We had to do something!

Few plastic bottles are reusable. The plastic bottles generate a great environmental impact. Each bottle of non-recycled plastic takes up to 700 years to decompose. It takes 10 million liters of oil to make 100 million bottles and in the US alone. Throw up to 60 million plastic bottles a day, about 22 billion a year. Most (more than 70%) of the plastic water bottles are not recycled and part of them end up in landfills and another part ends up in our oceans, where they will never be degraded and where they endanger all marine fauna .

We also tell you the good news!

The sale of plastic bottles is already banned in some places in the world such as San Francisco (CA), Concord (Massachusetts), Bundanoon (Australia), Universities like Seattle and 14 natural parks like the Grand Canyon of Colorado …

NUOC. Thank you for helping to protect our Planet!
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