Nuoc Essential Collection

800 ml.


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Libre BPA / BPA Free Super ligera / Soplada a mano / Exrta light / Hand made Bebidas frias y caliente / Hot and cold drinks Empresa comprometida / Charity water partner 1NUOC = ~240 botellas de plástico / 1 NUOC = ~240 plastic bottles Reutiliza, reduce, recicla: 100% reciclable / Reuse, reduce, recycle: 100% recyclable

NUOC XL – New big size!!! Designed for water lovers, who can’t get enough of a small NUOC bottle.

Handmade high quality borosilicate GLASS bottle. Reusable & ecofriendly.


Handmade high quality borosilicate GLASS bottle, covered by a soft silicone sleeve for protection and durability. For this reason, and for its square design shape, each NUOC bottle is unique and different.

NUOC, your bottle where water tastes like water!

TURN IT 360º

DESIGNED IN SS. Basque Country, est. 2016

Enjoy the pleasure of drinking water naturally, anywhere and anytime!
Just for Water Lovers!

NUOC, "your bottle in which water tastes like water"

Tapón de la botella Nuoc


Tapón a rosca de polipropileno (también llamado plástico ecológico).

Libre de agentes tóxicos (BPA free), inocuo y 100% reciclable.

Designed with a ring, to take your NUOC comfortably anywhere.


The glass of the NUOC bottles is made by a traditional handmade process of blowing, with borosilicate glass of high quality, insipid and odorless, the lightest and brighter and, most importantly, despite its lightness, is the glass more resistant to temperature changes.

Borosilicate glass does not contain heavy metals or other toxic substances, which makes NUOC the perfect reusable bottle for drinking water or any kind of non-carbonated beverage, both cold and hot.

Wide nozzle.

Botella de vidrio - Vidrio de borosilicato - Nuoc
funda Nuoc


Removable food grade silicone cover.

BPA free.

Protects from direct sun exposure and chafing.

Soft texture, different colors and exclusive designs.