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NUOC (WATER in Vietnamese). We come from the water, we need it and we are water. Without it nothing of what we know so far exist.

One of the four elements of nature, represents 80% of the planet’s surface and constitutes 70% the human body. Vital liquid for the survival of any living being.


Every day and at any time in our lives we need to drink water and hydrate; when we wake up, way to work or university, in a meeting, on the beach or in the mountains, in our bike rides, when we’re at the computer, playing sports or just walking around town.


There are already many trips and many countries tours we have unfortunately seen that a habit as natural as drinking water creates large quantities of plastic bottles that accumulate in forests and ditches of roads, river banks, lakes and beaches along and breadth of our planet.


That is our turning point, the need to rehydrate and protect our planet. Hence our obsession to create our reusable glass bottle NUOC, a lifestyle bottle, 100% recyclable, free of toxic agents (BPAA), with which to enjoy the pleasure of drinking water naturally anywhere, anytime, always protecting our health and respecting our planet.


A bottle with own style and personality, with a fresh and functional design inspired by fashion and active life and, most importantly, a bottle where the water tastes like water!


Based in San Sebastian, Basque Country, nuoc brand presents himself the world as an alternative brand of dreamers, lovers of simplicity, design and nonconformity, but above all of active life and of Be Yourself!

NUOC, Just for water lovers!